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Bespoke hangar doors
The operative processes in an aircraft hangar demand a high level of organization, efficiency and reliability. These requirements have to be fulfilled by the hangar door to the same extent. Butzbach hangar doors have been developed specifically to meet these high specifications. That’s why our name is considered worldwide as a synonym for hangar doors with:

  • permanent operational availability 
  • best working conditions due to light transmitting fiberglass 
  • individual project support from the first sketch to the acceptance and during the entire life span.


With more than 800 hangar door projects realized in 30 years we have a comprehensive experience and expertise. Each door is planned and executed individually for the specific hangar and its utilization.

Products and services

  • Hangar Doors / sliding doors
  • Tail doors
  • Special constructions
  • Bespoke Solutions

Fibreglass door panels for superior light quality in the hangar, optimum functionality and permanent availability due to highest quality in design and construction. As an integrated corporation we supply you with consultation, design, development, production, assembly, start of operation, service and maintenance – from one source.

Butzbach Hangar Door: sliding door

Butzbach Hangar Door: sliding door

In the Butzbach sliding door the free moveable door leaves enable each individual door panel to be shifted easily. This ensures the highest flexibility in application. When the door leaves are parked besides the building, the entire width of the hangar is accessible.

Butzbach Hangar Door - telescopic door

Butzbach Hangar Door - telescopic door

In the Butzbach telescopic door the single panels are interconnected. They open at the same time and give central access to the entire hangar front.

Butzbach Hangar Door: Round-the-corner door

Butzbach Hangar Door: Round-the-corner door

In the Butzbach round-the-corner door each panel is guided along the lateral wall in the inside or at the outside of the hangar. Once opened, the door is completely clear of the opening, even when there is limited available space or special structures are in place, such as circular hangars.

News & Innovations

Bespoke Special Solutions 

Each hangar door is an individual solution. You can equip your hangar with exactly the features that you need for an effective operation. Here you can find a range of additional equipment. For requirements which go beyond these, our experienced specialists can develop a bespoke solution. Within our more than 800 realised hangar door projects we have already realised many special wishes. Just get in contact with us and let us know your specific need.


Butzbach GmbH Industrietore
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